Portable & Mobile Radio Transceivers

HOTS Communications specialises in affordable Portable & Mobile Radio Equipment!

HOTS Communications offers a range of Handheld & Mobile 2 Way Radio equipment to suit your needs. HOTS Communications will offer you the best deals on HB Wireless & E-Tech radio equipment and will also help source equipment to match your specific requirements.

Radio equipment supplied by HOTS Communications comes with the highest standard of after sales service, backed by the HB Wireless support team.

HOTS Communications offers support in a variety of areas including system design, consultancy and sales with of a wide range of Portable Handheld Radios and Land Mobile Radios & Accessories. HOTS Communications offers the highest standards of support for the full range of their products.

HOTS Communications Product Range includes:

  • Portable Handheld 2 Way Radios
  • Waterproof Portable Handheld 2 Way Radios with IP68 Rating
  • Mobile vehicle mount Radios
  • CB Radios
  • Marine Band Radios
  • Radio Base Stations
  • Radio Repeater Stations
  • Wireless Network PA, EVAC, Lockdown & School Bell System
  • Speaker/Microphones
  • Headsets, Multi-Chargers

HOTS Communications – Keeping you in the Loop!


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